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Career Confessions

Apr 7, 2022

Career Confessions EP73

The Great Resignation—with Evan Sohn

From remote to hybrid, part-time to freelance, life balance and skills-based, the way the world works is changing, and how we look for the next opportunity and discover top talent is changing with it. 


It’s more than the great resignation, it’s the great revolution. 


So, where do you turn when you need to hire? How can you connect with your next great position?


Evan Sohn has 25+ years of experience in eCommerce at Fortune 500 and successful start-up environments. He joined in 2019 as the CEO. is a destination site for all things talent acquisition and recruiting. At, their mission is to empower businesses to recruit specialized talent faster with a virtual team of recruiters.


Evan says, “At we're helping companies large and small with what is really their most precious asset.”


On this episode of Career Confessions, Evan joins me to explain why he isn’t calling the current economic trend of employee resignations the great resignation, he has a different name for it and what it means in terms of leveraging the plethora of opportunities available for those who are ready to make a move.  


Evan discusses the new definition of a great employee and why in today’s climate if you aren't moving, you aren't growing. Plus, he walks us through why everybody is more valuable now than they were two years ago.  


Listen in for insight on what employers need to be doing if they want to retain their best and brightest people and how employees can leverage their skills to get what they really want from their work life. 



Key Takeaways  

What most people don’t know about the great resignation 

Evan offers his insight into the new definition of a great employee

How we’re transforming the way we look at work and what the new “benefits” are

Why employers who aren’t paying attention are losing on 2 different fronts

What’s behind the rise of the 80% employee 

How employees can best leverage their skills to land where they want

The key to hiring and retaining the best and the brightest people in this economy

The one question Evan is asking to move the needle at


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